May 6, 2009

Moonam Pirai - Kanne Kalaimane

Unni's son Uday.
Baburaj's son Atul

This song is one of the best lullabies I have heard. Illayaraja and Yesudas at their best. I have tried to attempt this song to quench my thirst to hear my voice in a recorded format. The song is dedicated to both my friends Unnikrishnan's new born kid Uday and Baburaj's kid Atul. Hope they will enjoy their life in this world:-) Special thanks to Rekha who helped me learn the song and master the diction and Unni who helped me a lot in the mixing aspect. Also, I would like to thank my friends who supported me and encouraged me to sing. Please provide your inputs and valuable opinions to help me in future renditions.

Song:- Kanne Kalaimane
Movie:- Moonram Pirai
Original Singer:- Dr K.J Yesudas
Music Director:- Illayaraja
Lyrics:- Kannadasan
Cover Version:- Rahul Soman

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